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Item no. : INDIE282LP
Artist : NAVIAN
Product type : Vinyl 12"
Release Date : 11 February 2022



Debut EP from instrumental prog metal act Navian - Reset EP!

The instrumental prog metal act Navian build their music on technical melodies, interesting rhythms, big soundscapes, and groovy hooks.

Inspired by bands like Plini, Intervals, and Polyphia the band’s debut EP has been described as “..special and challenging in so many ways” (RockNews) and “with a freshness and a bounce that is entirely infectious...” (ManofMuchMetal).

The band met while studying for a bachelor’s degree in contemporary music and they were all working as session musicians on the side. With their shared interest in music theory and history, and devotion to production, instruments and gear the friendship quickly resulted in a band rehearsal, and Navian was born.
It all started out as musical playground; a place where the trio could challenge themselves and each other and play the music they desired.
As such Navian is a space where the trio can work to perfect their techniques and skills.

“To work on really difficult arrangements, stuff it feels like we’ll never learn to master, and then spend numerous hours and finally master them anyhow. That feeling – a feeling of pure joy of through accomplishment, is indescribable. It is the driving force behind our music and something which we all love. Maybe it could be compared to sports, like the sense of achievement that hits you when you score a crucial goal in the game.” - Navian

Right before the first lockdown in their home country Norway, Navian performed at the Norwegian show case festival by:Larm to an ecstatic audience.

1. Blank Space
2. Schoolyard
3. Shiba
4. Matcha tea
5. Multiplayer
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