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Item no. : HPS157LP
Artist : PINK CIGS
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 05 February 2021



Sheffield-bred party band Pink Cigs are the physical embodiment of energy. The four-piece consists of guitars, vocals, keys, bass and drums to create a decidedly spirited noise for heavy rock fans who choose rhythm and sound over lyrics.

The band made their self-titled album at the end of 2019 over two days in Bradford. The recording was due to be followed by a much-anticipated tour of south-east Asia, which was of course postponed - another musical casualty of the pandemic.

Pink Cigs opens with 'Noose', which sets the tone for the album with a rock'n'roll guitar solo, heavy drumming and a strong bass line. The sounds are not dissimilar throughout the album, mixing up lyrics and rhythms to keep the interest. 'Low Blow' and 'Nightstalker' are particularly notable for their heavy metal riffs. There's a real sense of seventies energy, particularly in the vocals.

'Devils Grip' and 'Whiskey Woman' stand out vocally for having lyrical variety, with attractive choruses and a stronger narrative. This is the place to start for singalong rock fans listening to the band for the first time. 'Black Widow' follows the same vocal patterns, but with a heavier emphasis on the bass and drums.

The band offer up perfect heavy rock with a touch of metal, nicely blended with seventies sounds. It makes for an album of noise, head-banging and partying, just the touch of optimism we need as we enter our fourth month of lockdown.

1. Noose
2. Low Blow
3. Lazy Lover
4. Nightstalker
5. Leecher
6. Shiver
7. Dirty Trick
8. Whiskey Woman
9. Devils Grip
10. Black Widow
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