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Release Date : 28 September 2018



Death/Thrash legend Protector might be best known for their masterpieces from the late Eighties and early Nineties, as well as for their newer albums from 2013 and 2016, but there is still so much more to discover: In 2000, after seven years of silence, the band put out a demo titled “Resurrected”; after a couple of line-up changes, Protector had decided that it was high time to release some new songs with all the new members; not to forget that the new millennium seemed like a good moment for a fresh start!

Having parted ways with their two former vocalists Martin Missy and Olly Wiebel, Protector now consisted of Matthias Lindner (Bass), Jacek Zander (Vocals), Hendrik Bache (Guitar) and Marco Pape on drums.

“Resurrected” was a complete DIY- endeavour, recorded with a 16 channel mixing console by the band themselves, hid away in their rehearsal room somewhere in lovely Braunschweig in the spring of 2000.

The title “Resurrected” was of course chosen on purpose: it was meant to herald a new beginning, including songs that sounded different from the old Protector.
But even though there was no single original band member left, continuing under the old name was a sensible decision, as Marco explains: “We as Protector had performed the songs live a couple of times, so it made perfect sense to release it under that name.”

“Resurrected” has been praised for its original 80’s style thrash, and especially for its sound that seems to be coming straight from a time machine's radio – just like Protector had wanted it to be.
“Resurrection” already foreshadowed Protector's own resurrection: The track “The End” later appeared on the 2013 album “Reanimated Homunculus, building a bridge between the old(er) and the new, reanimated band.

The High Roller edition of “Resurrected” comes with a slightly re-vamped cover artwork and a sound that has been carefully polished by Patrick W. Engel (Temple of Disharmony)
(but don't worry if you're a sucker for the really old stuff: the original artwork is of course
immortalised on the inner sleeve...).

1. Halloween Theme (Intro)
2. The End
3. Touch by Rotten Fingers
4. Ahab's Rage
5. A Shedding of Skin
6. Kain and Abel
7. Golem
8. Kick from Hell
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