Vinyl 7"


Chest (Inch)

Chest (CM)

Due 16 June 2023
Item no. : INDIE352LPS1
Product type : Vinyl 7"
Release Date : 16 June 2023


Norwegian underground legends Purified in Blood dropped some long-awaited new music online in 2022 with their gut wrenching and explosive tracks Krater and Myrå. Purified in Blood’s aggressive and unique take on metal has ripped through the scene since 2003, influencing several of contemporary metal and punk acts. Their raw and uncompromising sound, blending furious guitar riffs with driving rhythms and powerful and menacing vocals, paired with their assailing and dominant live shows, put them in class of their own. The result is fierce extreme metal, mixing the best of thrash, hard metal and death metal into their own unique sound. The band was instantly renowned for their brutal live performances, which in course would send them on extensive tours worldwide with gigs in cities like Seattle and New Delhi and have had them play the same events as icons in Slayer, Mastodon, Gojira, Madball and Meshuggah.
Side A: Krater
Side B: Myrå
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