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Release Date : 07 January 2013



THE RED CHORD are no newcomers to all those who crave brutal, chaotic music. Since the release of their sophomore album and Metal Blade debut, “Clients”, the gods of death/noisecore have been quite talked-about in Europe too. Their closeness to the scene (vocalist Guy runs his own Blackmarket Activities label, which has released albums by ANIMOSITY and FROM A SECOND STORY WINDOW among others, while Mike McKenzie and Greg Weeks also play in BEXOND THE SIXTH SEAL) and massive live activities (such as the 2005 Persistence Tour with HATEBREED, BORN FROM PAIN and AGNOSTIC FRONT, as well as a recently finished European tour) have gained THE RED CHORD a loyal fan base, which is confirmed by 50,000 MySpace friends. “Prey For Eyes” picks up where they left off with “Clients”, modifying their very own death metal influenced sound with numerous crazy elements. Brutal and shocking on one hand, but always straight forward on the other, the new THE RED CHORD is an essential purchase for anyone into really brutal music. The perfect, concrete-heavy production by Zeuss (HATEBREED, FULL BLOWN CHAOS, etc.) and the stunning artwork by Paul Romano (TRIVIUM, MAROON, MASTODON, etc.) round off “Prey For Eyes“ nicely, making it one of the must-have releases of the year!

1. Film Critiques & Militia Men
2. Dread Prevailed
3. It Runs in the Family
4. Send the Death Storm
5. Prey For Eyes
6. Responsibles
7. Midas Touch
8. Tread on the Necks of Kings
9. It Came form Over There
10. Intelligence Has Been Compromised
11. Open Eyed Beast Attack
12. Birdbath
13. Bone Needle
14. Seminar
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