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Item no. : DRAK2859
Artist : SAHG
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 21 October 2022



Norway’s high guardians of doomed heavy metal, Sahg, are back! With their new LP "Born Demon" they will demonize the world! The trio impresses with an epic creation of the highest quality - a powerful and distinguished collection of tunes to thrill heavy music lovers around the globe once again. Sahg from Bergen, Norway, exploded into the scene in 2006 and since then have toured across the world and shared stages with some of the metal scene's greatest acts. The band has released 1 EP and 5 full length albums that has made them more than just an insider tip. With their new studio album “Born Demon”, reborn as a trio and with the finest doomy metal, Sahg are back with a big bang. High energy, in-your-face, simply demonic! With "Born Demon", Sahg are set to deliver their strongest output to date. Classic heavy metal for the new age, with a desire for the occult, aversion for religion, and a gloomy gaze into the inevitable apocalypse, all served with a bite of cold Norwegian Blackness.
1. Fall Into The Fire
2. House Of Worship
3. Born Demon
4. Descendants Of The Devil
5. Black Cross On The Moon
6. Evil Immortal
7. Salvation Damnation
8. Killer Spirit (From Outta Hell)
9. Heksedans
10. Destroyer Of The Earth
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