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Item no. : FAT658CD
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 08 September 2003



With their latest offering, Life On The Ropes, Sick Of It All prove that they're certainly not "on the ropes" but standing tall center ring!
The sixteen tracks were laid down at the infamous Atomic Recording Company in Brooklyn, NY, where SOIA worked closely with Dean Baltolonis who engineered, and co-produced the album alongside the band. Less than a month after they first hit record, the band emerged unscathed with an album that will perk ears and turn heads!
They truly capture their NYHC roots on this recording, evidenced with a guest vocal appearance courtesy of John Joseph (ex Cro-Mags front man) on the song "Paper Tiger (Fakin' The Punk)". Employing Michael Pappa (artist for "District" video, and the comic art for SOIA's Live In A Dive) to create all original illustrated album artwork, allowed the band to truly tie the look of the release with the emotion and feeling of the recorded material!
As a complete package this album proves to be the band's best to date! Life On The Ropes is already building street hype with the pre-release EP/7" on Bridge Nine Records, entitled "Relentless".
1. Relentless
2. All My Blessings
3. The Land Increases
4. Paper Tiger (Fakin' The Punk)
5. The Innocent
6. Silence
7. For Now
8. View From The Surface
9. Going All Out
10. Rewind
11. Shit Sandwich
12. Butting Heads
13. Take Control
14. Kept In Check
15. On The Brink
16. Trenches
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