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Arranged and produced by acclaimed artrock musician GRICE, Siobhan McCrudden’s Icarus Girl is a hauntingly nostalgic set of alluring narratives and exquisitely melancholic songs. The album features musical contributions from Steve Bingham (No-Man, Judy Dyble) on violin, who brings an understated warmth and intricacy to the album, showcasing its haunted folk-noir sound.

"There is a clear debt in Siobhan's sound to early Joni Mitchell albums, and unconsciously mirroring the small clubs and venues where Mitchell honed her craft, her first live performances were in the coffee house circuit of New York. There is also a definite familiarity with late sixties British folk bands such as Fairport Convention and Pentangle in her cultural hinterland" - From the Margins

1. Cassiopeia’s Chair
2. Following You
3. Oh Little Red
4. The Forest
5. The Mermaid In Your Glass
6. Iron Goddess
7. Icarus Girl
8. Fragile
9. A Sin Nonetheless
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