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Release Date : 02 April 2012



Ohio’s masters of thrashing heavy metal, SKELETONWITCH, return with their second album, “Breathing The Fire”. Upping the ante from their Prosthetic debut, “Beyond the Permafrost”; these five gnarly longhairs show no mercy and take no prisoners on their new long-player. Riffing heavier, banging harder, pounding fists faster, the Witch’s mighty sonic fortress is a raging amalgamation of classic Bay Area thrash, Scandinavian death/black metal and NWOBHM.
To lay this nasty slab to tape, SKELETONWITCH traveled to Seattle and hooked up with legendary producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, High On Fire). To make things extra filthy, THE WITCH enlisted Scott Hull of grind kings Pig Destroyer to handle the mastering duties. Tracks like “Crushed Beyond Dust” and the leveling album-opener “Submit to the Suffering” are sure to whip even the most jaded metal fan into a psychotic frenzy.
THE WITCH’s vicious live show and fierce blue-collar ethic have helped to establish the band as torchbearers of today’s metal scene. They have logged countless miles on the road at home in the US with the likes of Municipal Waste, Job For A Cowboy, Amon Amarth and Dimmu Borgir, and they'll do so again this Autumn when they hit the road with Children of Bodom and The Black Dahlia Murder. The band also made high-profile appearances at the 2008 New England Metal and Hardcore Fest, this year’s Scion Rock Fest in Atlanta (along with Mastodon, High on Fire, etc.) and South By Southwest, and were handpicked by Glenn Danzig for his 2008 Blackest of the Black tour. After already touring Europe with Hate Eternal and Cephalic Carnage, SKELETONWITCH will return to these shores later in 2009 for a full Europen tour.
1. Submit To The Suffering  
2. Longing For Damnation  
3. Where The Light Has Failed  
4. Released From The Catacombs  
5. Stand, Fight & Die  
6. The Despoiler Of Human Life 
7. Crushed Beyond Dust  
8. Blinding Black Rage  
9. Gorge Upon My Soul  
10. Repulsive Salvation  
11. Strangled By Unseen Hands  
12. …And Into The Flame
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