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Item no. : REDA117
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Release Date : 09 July 2021



Debut album from death metal band 'STENCH COLLECTOR'!

From the most foreboding depths of roiling Lovecraftian murk comes slithering the purulent providence entity known as Stench Collector, born to proliferate malodorous decay through death metal the eldritch way! Their debut is a clarion call to those who dwell among the slime to come and worship once more at the necrotic temple which lies upon the pillars of Death Metal's storied past.

Death metal and disgust are known comrades in arms — the genre's potential for rendering sickening subjects is firmly documented by now. But why stop at just conjuring nauseating visuals? in their new Effluviatorium du Jour EP, Rhode Island's Stench Collector extends death metal's grotesque assault to the olfactory sense as well, telling tales of preserved horrors and rotting flesh that carry a distinct, if imagined odour. Listen long enough and you might pick up the scent of the rancid fumes canned within..

For fans of Autopsy

1. Welcome to the Eflluviatorium
2. Gutworm
3. Bile Container
4. Eye Socket Maggots
5. Carrion Cellar
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