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Release Date : 26 May 2023



The original recording of Swervedriver’s debut 4 song EP, finally available for retail! 

Released by the band last year and only available directly to their fans via Bandcamp, the first pressing of Petroleum Spirit Daze sold out in a flash. We convinced the band that a repressing was in order, and this time it comes on a lovely gold vinyl.

To give you a little backstory on this recording, let’s go to Adam Franklin…
“It was an open secret in Oxford that local young whippersnappers Ride had been signed to Creation Records but that label was going to wait until January of 1990 to release their debut record. We decided to get our skates on and get a record deal and the clock was already counting down” 

Heading into the studio in April of 1990, Swervedriver recorded their debut EP, the 4 songs that would become the “Son of Mustang Ford” EP, but Alan McGee wanted the band to re-record it in London so off they went. This original recording was then filed away for 30 years, only to be dug up by the band and have them discover that in fact this original recording was the perfect debut, the sound of a band just moments away from being discovered by the world. 
1. Son of Mustang Ford
2. Volcano Trash
3. Juggernaut Rides
4. Kill the Superheroes
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