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Item no. : FAT648
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 24 February 2003



After laying low for a little while, the leaders of the Bay Area street punk and oi! scene, the Swingin Utters re-emerge with their new album!
This time around the boys have hooked up with Blag Dahalia (Dwarves mainman) as the guy in the producer's seat. The Teaming is truly at match made in heaven! The end result is brew full of body and structure, with grit and street cred that the Utters have based their band on since the beginning!
Known for their alternating vocals (Johnny & Darius), they throw another voice into the mix on the album, Spike Slawson, their basiist and lead signer of Me First & The Gimme Gimmes! Raging stuff from this highly popular Fat Wreck band!
1. No Pariah
2. Glad
3. Hopeless Vows
4. Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass, And Bones
5. All That I Can Give
6. Sign In A Window
7. Don't Ask Why
8. Lampshade
9. Letters To Yourself
10. Heaven At Seventeen
11. Leaves Of Fate
12. If You Want Me To
13. Elation
14. Poor Me
15. My Closed Mind
16. Looking For Something To Follow
17. Shadows And Lies
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