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Item no. : FAT734CD
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 03 November 2008


A long time stalwart of the street punk genre, the SWINGIN’ UTTERS have amassed an impressive discography since their first release in 1992. Consisting of 8 full-lengths and countless EP’s, singles, and splits, their catalog is a testament to the prolific songwriting abilities of Darius Koski and Johnny Bonnel. Despite the sheer volume of their extensive resumé, the UTTERS have managed to compile 26 more tracks to make up their latest release, Hatest Grits: B-Sides and Bullshit. As implied by the title, the album contains plenty of rare b-sides, but it doesn’t stop there. Hatest Grits also boasts five unreleased songs, as well as some never before heard demo versions of SWINGIN’ UTTERS classics. You didn’t hear it from us, but it’s even rumored to have six bonus songs that don’t appear in the official track listing. Clearly, Hatest Grits is a must have album for any of the SWINGIN’ UTTERS’ legion of faithful fans. Throughout their illustrious career the UTTERS have consistently drawn comparisons to punk legends Stiff Little Fingers and folk icons The Pogues; each of the 26 songs on Hatest Grits are a shining example of why.
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