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Release Date : 26 January 2018



Misanthropical house is the title of the third album from norwegian Hadeland-hardcore act The Good The Bad and the Zugly. The band offers a little introduction to the album:
"Misanthropical House is a very emotional album. It reflects the the norwegian way of life and hodge-podge of values we share, most often taking the form of complaining and whining. GBZ want whining back in punk! You see, there's no end to the bodily decay we're facing as the band members are approaching middle age: Hemoroids, fungus, obesity, hairloss, moderate depressions and hangovers of course. What else can you expect? As if this wasn't enough, Little Steven, who accidently stumbled across the band playing at their local bar, Last Train, declared: "It's the worst band I've seen in Norway! No doubt! Probably the worst band in the world!" But GBZ smile nevertheless. A fake smile of course. But that's how the conservatives won the election in Norway, so no doubt, this will be a success! There is a lot of money and a lot of friends in fake smiles."
Side A:
1. H-Bomb
2. Mindlessness
3. Vik Bak Meg Satan
4. I Lied About Being A Hardcore Man
5. Ripe For The Grave
6. West Coast Exile
Side B:
7. It's A Jungle Out There, In The Forest
8. International Asshole
9. WWID           
10. I Need A Place To Drink
11. Sickness Unto Death
12. Going Nowhere Fast
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