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Big Jim Sullivan is undoubtedly one of the legendary guitarists in British music, who, according to those in the know, performed on a round 750 starting singles over his career, including 54 UK number 1s from acts as diverse as the Walker Brothers, the Small Faces and John Barry’s James Bond Theme. He was referred to as ‘Big Jim’ because of his size, and another session guitarist working in the same places at the same time – Jimmy Page – was referred to as ‘Little Jim’. In the mid-1970s, when Sullivan was in his mid-30s, he began to tire of session work and formed this band alongside vocalist Nicky Moore, one of the most important early heavy metal singers. The band made three records, of which this is the first, before splitting in 1976. When he died in 2012, his obituary in The Guardian singled out the record with Tiger as a ‘career highlight’ for Big Jim Sullivan. 
Lay Me
Ordinary Girl
Lay Back Stay Back
I`m Not Crying
Long Time
Suzy Slicker
Tyger, Tyger
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