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Item no. : BE036
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Release Date : 04 May 2009



Within just a few short years, TODAY FOREVER from Kassel Germany have become an insiders top pick in melodic hardcore. They released their debut album THE NEW PATHETIC on STRIKE FIRST (FACEDOWN RECORDS USA). Coupled with a five week tour across the states is a clear indication that both their attitude and their craftsmanship are top quality. Venturing beyond well worn hardcore trails and faceless emo-rock uniformity, the quintet achieves sustained results by relying on their own imprint. Abrasiveness and catchiness are not mutually exclusive in the music of TODAY FOREVER. In the interaction of these two elements dynamic and emotionally charged hymns emerge between hardcore, rock and a touch of metal. The foundation of this five piece is composed of emotionally colored new school hardcore that has been expanded to include intensive breakdowns blended with incisive choruses. TODAY FOREVER brings a strong sense of independence and name recognition. With the experience achieved by way more than 200 shows, TODAY FOREVER is self-confident and poised. The material for their second release PROFOUND MEASURES reflects that. It's catchy pop music without being slick or arbitrary. An energized tempo of musical abrasiveness with breakdowns and mosh still remain; yet the hymn factor has been expanded without constraint. These guys from Kassel emphasize their pop appeal and set weighty contrasts in the form of wild scream attacks and brutal hardcore breakdowns.
01. The Permission
02. Pinpoint the Shift
03. Mask Off (feat. Shane / Silverstein)
04. Cellphone Slaves
05. The Dirty Details
06. On A Trip
07. Need For a Romeo
08. Debriefing
09. Raya
10. Red Love
11. Input
12. Down On Me (feat.Stephan / Final Prayer)
13. Directions
14. Bloody Encounter (feat. Marco / Bury My Sins)
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