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Release Date : 21 September 2018



Ever since their death these two rappers have been the poster boys for Hip-Hop culture. Back in the 90’s their rap beef engrossed the whole scene and was a major part of the West Coast -v- East Coast beef that followed. Arguably legends, this release sees them go back and forth in an onslaught of Hip-Hop bangers. Who is the best? Well I guess that’s up to the listener, but one thing is for sure, this rare collection of previously unreleased material is an absolute must for Pac & Biggie fans! With contributions from Xzibit, Game, Sticky Fingaz, and from Oynx, E40, Kurupt, Daz, Eminem and Jay-Z, please don’t sleep on these legends.
1. Bring Um Out
2. Fight Music Ft. Xzibit
3. Tell Me When Ft. The Game & E40
4. Open Fire Ft. Sticky Fingaz
5. Keep Your Hands High
6. Don’t Go To Sleep Ft. Kurupt & Daz
7. My B Side
8. Exorcist  Ft. Eminem
9. Our Enemies
10. Paper
11. Bomb First
12. Sleepwalkers  Ft. Jay-Z
13. Better Days
14. Hold Up
15. Let's Get It
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