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Release Date : 14 July 2014



The band later to become TSOOL – Complete back catalog officially rereleased on vinyl in whole Europe. Limited reissue of the Union Carbide Productions album "Financially Dissatisfied Philosophically" originally released in 1989 pressed on 180g Vinyl. Three decades after: Re-releases of Union Carbide Productions on Haldern Pop Recordings – only and exclusively on vinyl!
Analog only: Almost 30 years after the release of their debut Haldern Pop Recordings re-releases all four albums of Union Carbide Productions throughout Europe. „After so many years of close and pleasant cooperation with Ebbot Lundberg and Soundtrack Of Our Lives we are pleased to announce that we may release now the no longer available vinyl albums of the Swedish band also," a happy Stefan Reichmann (Haldern Pop) says. On 11th july 2014 all four full length albums „In The Air Tonight“, „Financially
Dissatisfied Philosophically Trying“, „From Influence To Ignorance“ and „Swing“ of the preceding band of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives will hit the shelves again. For the very first time all four out of stock records will be made available again in an especially for vinyl mastered version. „Excellent 'Adult Rock', who's awesomeness one only will recognise in a couple of years," second-guessed Ox-Fanzine already in 1997.
„"We had the potential," singer Ebbot Lundberg told me last year, when I asked him about Union Carbide's brush with the big time in America: a love note from Kurt Cobain; a contract offer from Sub Pop Records; celebrity respect from Henry Rollins, the Replacements and Sonic Youth. "But we would have been more suicidal than any other band. We would all be dead by now."
He called the gathering of Union Carbide's ashes, in 1995, into The Soundtrack of Our Lives "a life-after-death experience a second chance." He may be right; he was inside the noise. But I know how much good living I got out of Union Carbide and, with all the great UCP albums, how much I have left. "I'm in a grooveyard, and I don't wanna know how to get out," Lundberg roared over that Funhouse fire in "Ring My Bell." I'm still there, and I'm not leaving. But there's plenty of room for you.“ David Fricke, New
York City, March, 2003
1. At Dawn
2. Born In The 60´s
3. San Francisco Boogie
4. 13th Trip
5. Down On The Farm
6. Maximum Dogbreath
1. Here Comes God
2. Another Rock´n´Roll Statement
3. Glad To Have You Back
4. Career Opportunities
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