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Due 07 October 2022
Item no. : SHARPCD22124
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 07 October 2022



Flipside Freaks: Purple is the second volume of the Flipside Freaks series of compilation albums. This series of compilations feature bands/artists who are plying their trade in the underground/counterculture/space-rock arenas, artists who might find it difficult to get a release on a label. Therefore, having a track on one of our compilations can give bands a chance to be heard by a much bigger audience. Each album is made to sound (as much as possible) like one band/artist rather than just 10 tracks put together just because they share a genre. This new volume has 10 new tracks, including one cover version and one remix from such varied bands as Spirits Burning, One Sided Horse (of Evil Blizzard fame), Chumley Warner Brothers (feat. ex-Hawkwind singer Bridget Wishart) and many more and yet, it flows like one river!

‘I’m currently on the third play: I’m sure it will be marmite to people but some, like me, will enjoy it’ - Brian Tawn, Hawkfan

‘Another cracking collection of extraordinary quality, this album will take you on a surprising and rewarding journey. Flicknife yet again proving why they are the underground’ - Greg Healey, Shindig

1. Spirits Burning ‘Purse’ 
2. Neovenator ‘Beautiful Ship’
3. Rats Of Unusual Size ‘Cynical’
4. The Jesus Christ Superstore ‘More Like Kirk’
5. The Razorbills ‘DeForrest Kelley of Arden House’
6. One Sided Horse ‘Ace Of Spades’
7. Chumley Warner Brothers ‘Earthborn’
8. Electric Cake Salad ‘Everything’ (Purple Mix)
9. JJ McCabe ‘Call In Code’
10. DRL ‘Banalized’
11. C90s ‘A Band Called The Herbs'


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