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Tango Argentino is not only a sensual and intoxicating dance and musical style, but also a cultural symbol that reflects the history, passion and identity of Argentina. Originating in the suburbs of Buenos Aires in the late 19th century, tango combines African rhythms, European social dances, and the influences of immigrants to Argentina to create a unique dance form. Initially considered scandalous, tango gained acceptance and popularity over time. Traditional tango music, characterized by soulful melodies and melancholy lyrics, is dominated by the bandoneón, an accordion-like instrument, and accompanied by violin, piano and guitar. Beyond the borders of Argentina, tango has become a worldwide phenomenon, with international tango festivals and dance clubs in cities worldwide. UNESCO declared tango culture an Intangible Cultural Heritage of the World in 2009. Tango Argentino has produced timeless masterpieces and great musical artists that are considered important cultural symbols of Argentina and are compiled in this collection. Tango Argentino remains the universal language of passion, longing and joy that enchants dancers and listeners alike.
Uno Edmundo Rivero A Media Luz 
Cuarteto Palais De Glace Por una Cabeza 
Carlos Aragon Se dice de mi 
Quinteto Pirincho Tango Argentino 
Vicente Alvarez y Carlos Otero La Puñalada 
José Basso y su orquesta El Choclo 
Gigi Stok Caminito 
José Granados Picasso 
Astor Piazzolla su bandoneon y sus cuerdas 
El Entrerriano Cuarteto Palais De Glace 
Taquito militar Quinteto Pirincho 
La Cumparsita Francisco Canaro 
Adios Muchachos Vicente Alvarez y Carlos Otero 
Mi Buenos Aires Querido Los Cinco Latinos 
Nostalgias Edmundo Rivero 
Volver Carlos Aragon 
Yira Yira Trio Costa Brava 
Adiós Nonino Astor Piazzolla y su quinteto


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