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Item no. : FB19C2552
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Release Date : 22 November 2019



The powerful melodic metal band KINGCROWN present their new masterpiece "A Perfect World". After a first album "Resilience" under the name Öblivïon, it was time for KINGCROWN to make their debut album under this name! "A Perfect World" is an amazing mix of neo-classical, modern metal with a touch of progressive sound, a new step to conquer all lovers of Heavy Metal. Mixed and mastered by Roland Grapow in Grapow Studios (Slovakia), which provides the guarantee that we are facing a modern and powerful production. The voice of Jo Amore fits perfectly with the melodic guitars of Steff Rabilloud and Florian Lagoutte who combine the old school heavy metal soloing and the modern shredding, enhanced by the bass virtuoso Markus Fortunato and the massive drums of David Amore. KINCROWN are today considered one of the most melodic and catchy bands in the Power Metal genre. "A Perfect World" combines classic metal hymns like the songs "The Human Tide" and "The Flame Of My Soul" with power-prog like anthems such as "Golden Knights" and even stretches the boundaries including a sentimental US rock ballad called "Over The Moon"!
1. The Flame Of My Soul
2. Qumrân Caves
3. In The Sky Of Athens
4. The Human Tide
5. Over The Moon
6. The End Is Near
7. Golden Knights
8. Sad Song For A Dead Child
9. Soundtrack Of My Existence
10. A Perfect World
11. Over The Moon Acoustic (Bonus Track)
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