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Due 09 December 2022
Item no. : ROAR2115LP
Artist : X-WILD
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 09 December 2022



Re-release of the first X-Wild album. In 1993, three ex-members of the German metal band Running Wild, Axel Morgan (guitar), Jens Becker (Grave Digger, bass), Stefan Schwarzmann (ex- UDO, ex-Accept, drums), decided to form a new band called X-Wild. In search of a singer they found Frank Knight from Manchester / England. Frank Knight's range places him somewhere between Kasparek and Dirkschneider... He uses many of Udo's rock & roll tricks, but has a different pitch and rarely raises the siren. Pretty dirty, with a biting street feeling. Their first album is pure German Power Metal, with some liberties towards Hard Rock, similar to Accept, Grave Digger and Running Wild. The recordings took place in November/December 1993 in the famous Studio M near Hildesheim in Germany. This studio also recorded the two most successful Running Wild albums "Death Or Glory" and "Blazon Stone". It was even produced by the same man: Jan Nemec. So What! is a straightforward shooter in terms of its production values, which is probably due to the backgrounds of the individual members on other albums of Accept, Running Wild and Grave Digger. It sounds good at all volumes, and the musicality and riffing show the band's skill. A blast from the past!
1. Can't Tame The Wild
2. Dealing with The Devil
3. Scarred To The Bone
4. Wild Frontier
5. Skybolter
6. Beastmaster
7. Kid Racer
8. Into The Light
9. Freeway Devils
10. Mystica Deamonica
11. Thousand Guns
12. Different
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