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Item no. : PSRCD089
Artist : ZARPA
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 04 August 2014



The longest living spanish Heavy Metal band from Spain (active even before BARON ROJO) usually every 2-3 years has a new high class album on the market. But equally as their colleagues who have also been active since the late 70s or early 80s, ZARPA had a distribution problem outside of Spain. So while all their albums are released on CD, only half of them were available worldwide. however as luck would have it, the new one "Bestias del poder" will be as easy to get hold of.
So fans of extraordinary true 80s sounding steel will be happy again. ZARPA is, was and will be Spains No.1 in Metal! Check out the killer song "El reino de la verdad".
Metal at its best like we are used from this band!
1. Alma Inmortal
2. El Reino De La Verdad
3. En La Batalla
4. No Me Dejes Caer
5. Dentro De Ti, Dentro De Mi
6. Jaque Al Rey
7. Dama De La Osuridad
8. Maquina Del Tiempo
9. Bestias Del Poder
10. Pecado Mortal
11. Metal Bats
12. Sentado Frente Al Espejo
13. Dioses Del Rock
14. Demoniocracia
15. Torres De Babel
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