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Release Date : 25 November 2022



Antropofagus plays complex, technical and brutal death metal, and made its first steps onto the scene in the late nineties, heavily inspired by band's such as Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and Deeds Of Flesh. Until the unveiling of "Origin", "No Waste Of Flesh" (1999), "Architecture of Lust" (2012) and "M.O.R.T.E." (2017) remained the only albums to its name, despite being formed nearly a quarter of a century ago. The band comprises long-running guitarist and co-founder Francesco 'Meatgrinder' Montesanti, drummer Davide Billia (ex-Hour Of Penance, Beheaded), bassist Jacopo Rossi (Dark Lunacy) and new vocalist, Paolo Chiti. Antropofagus sees "Origin" as the outcome of unified teamwork, where each of the musicians played an important role in its development. This resoluted in a very fast album that never loses momentum; an album that is modern, but true to the foundations of death metal.
1. Origin
2. Downward the Spiral
3. While Nothingness Slithers
4. Oppressed Suffering
5. The Slayer Ascension
6. Of Prosperity and Punishment
7. Ianth Ethbrae Gagh
8. Hymns of Acrimony
9. Passage of Annulment
10. The Chapter of Letting the Body Perish (M.O.R.T.E. Pt.II)
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