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Release Date : 05 January 2018



Originally thought of as simply a black metal super group, Norway’s ARCTURUS, had the guts to incorporate traditional melody, keyboards, vocal experimental and melodrama into their sinister theatrics. In 2005, with their fourth full-length album ‘Sideshow Symphonies’, they became the premiere progressive, avant-garde art band. The tour that followed was immortalised in September of the same year, when the band’s show at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway was filmed by a professional film crew. Long sold-out separately, this DVD is now available again, packed together with the CD of the album for the price of a regular CD.

DISC 1 - Sideshow Symphonies (CD):
1. Hibernation Sickness Complete
2. Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer
3. Deamonpainter
4. Nocturnal Vision Revisited
5. Evacuation Code Deciphered
6. Moonshine Delirium
7. White Noise Monster
8. Reflections
9. Hufsa

DISC 2 - Shipwrecked in Oslo (DVD):
1. Ad Absurdum
2. Nightmare Heaven
3. Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer
4. Alone
5. Deception Genesis
6. The Chaos Path
7. Tore guitar solo
8. Deamonpainter
9. Nocturnal Vision Revisited
10. Painting My Horror
11. Hufsa
12. Master Of Disguise
13. White Noise Monster
14. Reflections
15. Raudt Og Svart

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