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Item no. : PPR377
Artist : ARMADA
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 10 May 2024



Carrying on with four members of seminal punk rock band Blind Pigs, São Paulo, Brazil’s Armada set sail in 2017, and are primed to make a global impact with their latest LP, Tales of Treason. Following their debut LP Bandeira Negra and follow-up EP Ditadura Assassina in 2018 & 2019 (both sung in Portuguese), Tales of Treason is the band’s first full length of English language songs, certain to excite longtime fans while introducing them to an army of new ones. The gang sounds energized and as tight as ever, and the sound on this record will recall fond memories for many listeners of a time in the 1990s when street punk bands played infectiously catchy melodic rock & roll hooks at a breakneck pace, combining gritty realism with genuine singalong pop sensibility. Tastefully incorporating acoustic guitar on “Battle Drums,” accordion & banjo on “Last of My Kind,” and even the subtle hint of ska & reggae influence in the rhythms of “A Nation Divided,” this is music that views classic ‘77 style punk rock as part of a larger legacy of rebel music through the ages. Lyrically, frontman Henrike Baliú speaks his truths about the world around him, tackling the injustices of society and the trials of life from a humanitarian viewpoint that is nevertheless extremely personal. Fans will find themselves singing along to these rabble-rousing choruses, fists in the air, before they even know what hit them! Pirates Press Records is proud to present Tales of Treason by Armada on 12” Sapphire Marble vinyl! 
1. Bullet Through The Heart
2. Suburban Kids
3. Wrong Side Of America
4. The Rebel Sound
5. Battle Drums

6. Last Of My Kind
7. Kings of North Park
8. São Paulo City
9. A Nation Divided
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