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Item no. : PEL100
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Release Date : 16 March 2018



The American electronic music duo Mirza Ramic and Max Lewis have compiled an impressive discography of 26 releases in their 11 year history as ARMS AND SLEEPERS. They have collaborated with dozens of prominent artists (Tom Brosseau of Fat Cat Records, Serengeti of Anticon, Philip Jamieson of Caspian, and Victor Ferreira of Sun Glitters, among others) and worked on numerous remixes (Caspian, Helios, Ef, From Indian Lakes, and many others). Their music has also been widely used in various TV, radio, and online media programming, including VICE and NPR. ARMS AND SLEEPERS originated in the post-rock scene over a decade ago, and while they still occasionally perform at post-rock festivals like Dunk!, their music on recent releases has been transcending the narrow confines of that scene, oscillating more between “chilled hip-hop beats, glitching electronics and ambient progressions” (The Huffington Post) than the typical wailing delay guitars and drum crescendos.

1. Kill First, Paint Later
2. It Was Us   
3. Be This Way (feat. Steffaloo)
4. Down  
5. I'm Not Sour, You're a Bitch
6. Woke to Death (feat. Amber Ryann)
7. How You Are Different (And I'm the Same)
8. Dead Dogs Don't Bite (feat. Infidelix)
9. Consequences (feat. Kdeem)
10. The World Is Not Yours (feat. Amber Ryann)
11. A Little Larger Than the Entire Universe

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