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Item no. : BLACK149LPPIC
Artist : ASPHYX
Product type : Vinyl 12" Picture Disc
Release Date : 15 March 2024



"Embrace the Death", originally recorded in 1990 but released in 1996, is a crucial album in the discography of Asphyx, an iconic band in death metal. This album is an early testament to the brutal, raw sound the band is known for.
The album shows the essence of death metal in its purest and unfiltered form. Characterized by heavy, gut-wrenching riffs, deep guttural vocals, and a crushing rhythm section, “Embrace the Death” is a journey into the darker, heavier side of metal. The production, although crude, perfectly captures the oppressive and somber atmosphere.
This album is essential for any extreme metal fan looking to understand the roots and evolution of death metal.
LP-Side A
1- Intro
2- Embrace The Death
3- The Sickened Dwell
4- Streams Of Ancient
5- Thoughts Of An Atheist
6- Crush The Cenotaph
7- Denying The Goat
LP-Side B
1- Vault Of The Vailing Souls
2- Circle Of The Secluded
3- To Succubus A Whore
4- Eternity´s Depth
5- Outro
6- Mutilating Process
7- Streams Of Ancient Wisdom
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