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Item no. : AFMCD339
Artist : AT VANCE
Product type : Compact Disc Double
Release Date : 13 September 2010



AT VANCE are one of Europe´s leading neo-classical Metal acts. The band around mastermind and guitar wizard Olaf Lenk is the epitome for quality. 8 studio albums have been released so far, with every one of them receiving high praise by fans and media alike. Now, after a full "Decade", it´s time to look back and revisit the highlights of the band´s career. "Decade" is way more than just a “best of” album: it includes all fan favorites and classics but also rare tracks (Japanese bonus songs, cover versions) as well as the band´s infamous adaptions of classical musical milestones. "Decade" is a fully-packed 2-CD set that will amaze every fan of high class Metal!

Disc 1
01. Only Human
02. Take Me Away
03. Take My Pain
04. Heaven
05. Chained
06. Broken Vow
07. The Evil In You
08. Fallen Angel
09. The Curtain Will Fall
10. Dragonchaser
11. Shiver   
12. Cold As Ice
13. Flying High (Remastered)
14. Princess Of The Night
15. Heart Of Steel
16. Ride The Sky

Disc 2
01. Broken Vow (live)
02. Heroes Of Honour
03. Logical Song (SUPERTRAMP Cover)
04. Shout (TEARS FOR FEARS Cover)
05. Highway Star (DEEP PURPLE Cover)
06. The Winner Takes It All (ABBA Cover)
07. Money Money Money (ABBA Cover)
08. S.O.S. (ABBA Cover)
09. Gloomy Monday
10. Wannabe
11. Eye Of The Tiger (SURVIVOR Cover)
12. Desperado (THE EAGLES Cover)
13. Vivaldi / Spring
14. Vivaldi / Summer
15. Solfiegetto
16. Beethoven 5th Symphony
17. Bumblebee
18. Caprice No.16
19. Bach Invention No.13
20. Cello Prelude G-Major
21. Chopin Etude No.4

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