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Item no. : PRO098CD
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Release Date : 20 July 2009



AUTUMNBLAZE ... that does ring a bell, doesn't it? The band who ventured into the realms of alternative rock with their last album"Words Are Not What They Seem" (2004) and then imploded two years later because of internal differences now sees its phoenix-like resurrection – the classic line-up of Eldron, Arisjel, and Schwadorf (The Vision Bleak etc.) has come together again to record a new album. "Perdition Diaries" is something of a statement, the fruit of a return to the roots of AUTUMNBLAZE, and it comes across like a creative eruption. This album is a tribute to 1990's-era dark metal, to a time where the conventions of metal were trampled underfoot and the genre's conceptual chains were irrevocably broken from the inside. AUTUMNBLAZE mastermind Eldron puts it more precisely, "Bands such as Paradise Lost, Anathema, Katatonia, My Dying Bride, Dark Tranquillity, or At The Gates are prime examples for an exploration of the human soul, the struggle of the individual against the chasms of life. Away from the metal standards of the 1980's, towards a kind of deeply emotional resistance against the norms. We spit on all those who are blindfolded by their own limitations, and we continue that which was begun in the early nineties!" In 2009, AUTUMNBLAZE have returned to the unvarnished originality of their artistic and creative urge. Intense music enwrought with whipping melodies and full of aggression, and pieces with basic instrumentation filled with a fragile despair – between these musical poles the lyrics unfold their "Perdition Diaries": hopes, dreams, the powerful secrets of music, arrogance, annihilation, loss, and despondency. The personal destinies portrayed here turn into symbols that come alive in the depths of the listener's emotions, weaving their own images there and opening their own unique, sealed-up diaries.
1. Wir sind was wir sind
2. Who Are You?
3. I Had To Burn This Fucking Kingdom
4. Haughtiness And Puerile Dreams
5. Brudermord
6. Empty House
7. Neugeburt
8. Ways
9. The Forge
10. Saviour
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