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Release Date : 13 May 2022



We say "Complete Discography" and we mean it! This 3xCD set features every single Battalion Of Saints studio recording since their inception including all the singles, albums, rare unreleased demo tracks, alternate versions, compilation appearances, and even 2 new tracks. Several albums were remastered and sound better than ever. Insert includes a full lyric sheet with lyrics to every track & personnel list for each recording. This is your one-stop-shop to own everything the band has done in one concise, organized place. Battalion Of Saints were the early pioneers of hardcore punk in America. Bringing a raw, aggressive tone and speed to the west coast punk movement. More in line with UK punk above all else, BOS replicated the ferocity of bands like Discharge and Broken Bones in the USA. Leading on to influence countless bands in the punk and metal genres. Since its 1980 inception, many line up changes have not halted the band from continuing unto present day.

RIYL: Discharge, G.B.H., The Exploited, Negative Approach, Dead Kennedys, Agnostic Front, Circle Jerks, Angry Samoans

1. Liar Liar
2. Blue-Eyed Devil
3. Darkness
4. Bombs
5. Nightmare
6. Jingle Bells
7. Muscle Of Love
8. I Don’t Know
9. My New Low
10. Do It Again
11. Freedom
12. I Don’t Like You
13. Love
14. Stand Up
15. Protect & Serve
16. Biowarfare
17. Fun
18. Nowhere Going Faster
19. Faster Faster
20. Somewhere I Belong
21. Jack Shack
22. Hell’s Around The Next Corner
23. Thru With You
24. Sweaty Little Girls
25. Right Or Wrong (Live)
26. Modern Day Heroes (Live)
27. Chris Smith With Greg Dumis ’81
28. Right Or Wrong
29. Intercourse
30. Solitary Is Fun
31. My Mind’s Diseased
32. Animal In Man
33. Right Or Wrong
34. Holy Vision
35. Buddies And Pals

CD2 Track List
1. No More Lies
2. Second Coming
3. Beefmasters
4. No Time
5. Too Much Fun
6. Intercourse
7. Solitary Is Fun
8. Fair Warning
9. Doomed World
10. Ace Of Spades
11. Never ’Ad Nothing
12. Witch World
13. Intercourse
14. Solitary Is Fun
15. Second Coming
16. Beefmasters
17. No More Lies
18. Cops Are Out
19. (I’m Gonna) Make You Scream
20. E-B
21. Modern Day Heroes
22. Fighting Boys
23. I Hate My Job
24. Headbanger

CD3 Track List (Live 1984)
1. My Mind’s Diseased
2. No More Lies
3. Fair Warning
4. Second Coming
5. Doomed World
6. Cops Are Out
7. Fighting Boys
8. Right Or Wrong
9. Animal In Man
10. Modern Day Heroes
11. Buddies And Pals
12. Holy Vision
13. I Wanna Make You Scream (Take 1)
14. I Wanna Make You Scream (Take 2)
15. Beefmasters
16. Intercourse
17. Solitary Is Fun
18. Ace Of Spades
19. New Rose

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