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Item no. : AV505CD
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 26 April 2024



Beholder is a Québécois black metal band born in 2016. The quintet released an EP in 2019, Ancien Monde, and their debut album, Arcane
Subreptice, was featured as one of the best metal releases on Bandcamp in 2022. Two years later, Beholder inks a deal with Avantgarde Music to
release their sophomore record, Dualisme, an opus the band themselves describe as a huge improvement on their already solid foundations.
Dualisme is a 35-minute assault of aggressive, up-tempo black metal with melodic, doomy passages which deeply contribute to its overall
atmosphere. Beholder singer, Mécréant (Saccage, Sulfure), screams his lungs out in French, keeping the true spirit from Québec aflame. The album
production is intended to be powerful and massive, yet preserving anorganic and raw feel to it.
As the band declares, “both music and lyrics are influenced by orthodox black metal from the 90's, with topics mainly dealing with luciferianism,
history and occult philosophy. It has been a contemplative process from the writing to the recording. We feel like we reached a mature piece of art and
feel extremely confident about it”.
01 - Le Vassal De La Profanation
02 - Dualisme
03 - Vers Le Pandæmonium
04 - Géomancie
05 - Hexenaat
06 - Despotisme Ecclésiastique
07 - Résurgence De L’Obscurantisme
08 - Credo Fractal
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