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Item no. : SXYCD037
Artist : BEYONCE
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 02 July 2007


One of the world’s most successful female artists, not to mention being a member of the biggest selling girl-group of all time, Beyonce Knowles is a global phenomenon. With an aspiring acting career, the small matter of being Jay-Z’s wife and the talent to write, produce and sell millions of award winning albums can only make her one of the most important artists today, with her relentless release and tour schedules keeping her firmly in the public eye. Beyonce: The Lowdown is a 2 CD set featuring interviews with the lady herself as well as an audio biography on her outstanding career. Also included is the fascinating success story of her former band, Destiny’s Child, with interviews with Beyonce and the rest of the girls who talk openly about life in the world’s premiere female band. Completed with posters, booklets, rare photos and limited edition packaging, this collection will prove a unique and essential collectable for the millions of Beyonce fans out there.
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