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Item no. : GRRCD041
Artist : BEYOND
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 29 April 2022



Debut album from this American Industrial powerhouse! This is a reissue of the bands first full length issued in 1995 by Pavement Records. Chicago's Beyond are somewhat connoisseurs of metallic mayhem and an industrial/mechanical tinged sound, something felt quite vividly with their music. Much like the works of Ministry, Beyond's music on this debut is a quick lashing of riffs and walls of noise. The vocals of singer Ron Janis exhibit a solid death metal-ish growl though at times downscaled to a solid exertion of anger as every song goes upon its course. The band has got a real groove going when it does take shape - Metallic and thrashing out in a frenzy at times, Beyond's debut is a good listen most of the time.
1. Pure
2. Void Of Soul
3. Cleanse
4. Monument
5. Machined
6. Reassemble
7. Garden Of Aeons
8. Limbless
9. Nailed
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