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Item no. : DETR018
Artist : BISHOP
Product type : Vinyl 10"
Release Date : 04 December 2015



The bastard sons (or patron saints) of South Florida hardcore return with their most frantic, stripped and raw performance yet. BISHOP blast through 17 songs in just under 20 minutes, refining their natural evolution, creating a marriage between powerviolence, floorpunching mosh parts, and even some miserable sludge riffs (think Infest meets TERROR and at times NAPALM DEATH with some EYEHATEGOD flavour sprinkled in). This time around the music is much more punchy and the lyrics are more political. In an era of capitalists and consumers, nationalists and politicians, cops and crooks, BISHOP touch on most of the problems of the modern waning world such as heroin addiction, poverty, institutionalized racism, alcoholism, the alleged war on drugs, patriarchal order, overpopulation and other human conditions spiraling the world into its ultimate demise, creating a system of the elite class vs the servant class. In a world where profit trumps compassion, the solution is the easiest part, but the least likely to occur, due to socialization and hegemony. Everything In Vein will equally groove and enrage. Alligator City straight edge is alive and well.
1. Not One Vein Operational
2. Saturated in Denial
3. Caseload Decline (Cashed Out)
4. From the Womb to the Tomb
5. American Straightedge?
6. Status Quo Hardcore
7. A Specific Design
8. You’re Not Safe Here
9. Welcome to the Shit Show
10. The Great Mistake
11. Huey P. Was Right
12. Career Mode
13. Be Wary
14. Infinite Confinement
15. Who Do You Know? (10” exclusive track)
16. Only Dirt Awaits You
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