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Item no. : PMZ100
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Release Date : 01 September 2014



A new seed has been planted in the barren fields of the cold north! The Copenhagen based stoner rock quartet, Black Book Lodge, made themselves recognized on the Danish rock and metal scene when they released the appraised debut album “Tûndra” in February – now is the time has come for an international break-through.
If there ever was such a thing as the perfect marriage between stoner, progressive and alternative rock, Black Book Lodge would be it. The band's sound draws on their on the cold, misanthropic nordic heritage and could easily be the soundtrack to an erupting icelandic volcano. Their inspirations include such acts as: Queens Of The Stone Age, Mastodon and Opeth as well as the gothic americana scene in the vein of 16 Horsepower and Woven Hand.
Not long after Black Book Lodge began as a project, rumors of the band's crushing sound began to spread fast after the release of their EP “We Are Legion”. Even to the point of being invited to support The Kandidate (feat. Jacob Bredahl of HateSphere) on their Danish tour in 2012.
01.Battering Ram
02.Black Sheep/Prodigal Sons
06.The Call
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