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If there’s one band that can rightfully claim the combined terms “brutal” and “melodic” to describe their style, that is THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER! Add to that “extravagant”, “crazy” and “absolutely charming”. The first two adjectives listed here were both documented well enough on their first two albums “Unhallowed” and “Miasma”. While their sophomore record “Miasma” was lyrically inspired by the street and true life stories, new album “Nocturnal” goes back to the horror themes already present on “Unhallowed”, although staying true to their very own style, which they have enriched with a few black metal elements this time around. The band, led by metal weirdo and mainman Trevor Strnad (vocals), has already proven to be a really cool and somewhat different live act on several tours of Europe in 2006 and 2007. In the USA the five-piece has been a part of top tour billings for some time now, and also in Europe their name has been spreading like a wildfire since the release of their Metal Blade debut in 2003. So it’s no wonder the band can look back on over 75,000 shifted CDs worldwide. Following an appearance at the Pressure festival ’06, various headlining tours and single shows, the band will take the time out of their busy schedule to destroy European stages during the whole month of August! After the release of their eagerly awaited new album “Nocturnal” THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER will return at the end of the year to promote their new masterpiece on a tour with their friends in JOB FOR A COWBOY. There has been a lot of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER in 2007, and there is much more to come when the most brutal of all melodic death metal bands attacks again with “Nocturnal”!

1. Everything Went Black
2. What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
3. Virally Yours
4. I Worship Only What You Bleed
5. Nocturnal
6. Deathmask Divine
7. Of Darkness Spawned
8. Climactic Degradation
9. To a Breathless Oblivion
10. Warborn
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