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Item no. : GAOM047
Artist : BLIND EGO
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 11 November 2016



Kalle Wallner’s solo project BLIND EGO returns with a new album entitled "Liquid" and displays a more versatile performance than ever! ‘Liquid’ unites beauty with destruction, it marries love and violence, and it builds a common place between the heart and the brain. One thing is for certain: if only one could drink Liquid, every last drop of it would be delicious. In order to breathe life into his vision, Kalle Wallner has once again assembled an illustrious super-group of international professionals: Michael Schwager, formerly of Dreamscape, is once again found behind the drumset, while Seabstian Harnack (Sylvan), Ralf Schwager (Subsignal) and Heiko Jung (Panzerballett) took turns in taking over bass duties. The all-star-constellation is completed by a trio of vocalists consisting of Erik Blomkvist from Sweden, Subsignal’s Dutch frontman Arno Menses as well as American import Aaron Brooks of Simeon Soul Charger. Finally, the marvelously perfect sound of the record was once again provided by Gentle Art of Music’s grand maestro Yogi Lang.
1. A Place In The Sun
2. Blackened
3. What If
4. Not Going Away
5. Never Escape The Storm
6. Tears And Laughter
7. Hear My Voice Out There
8. Quiet Anger
9. Speak The Truth
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