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Release Date : 29 October 2021



The Finnish metal contenders, Bloodred Hourglass, release their long awaited fifth album, "Your Highness"! The album consists of 11 strong modern metal songs that are bound around one powerful theme: lost chances of life and love.
"Around this topic, Your Highness tells you the stories of hope and despair with fulfilment and failure. Every chapter of the album reflects the real life, in good and in bad."
With this new album, BRHG is definitely establishing itself as one of the leaders of the new melodic death metal scene, in the old tradition but with this modern touch that gives it the legitimacy to take up the torch held by In Flames, Children of Bodom and the other godfathers of the scene.

"We have taken steps musically to reach more people and also want to be the gateway to metal music for people who may have never experienced it yet. Your Highness gives you the insight of heaviness and tenderness at the same time in a way that we have never succeeded to deliver before. This is the most versatile achievement from us so far." - Bloodred Hourglass

1. Leaves
2. Drag Me the Rain
3. Nightmares Are Dreams Too
4. Leave Out All The Rest
5. Veritas
6. Tell Me About Yesterday Tomorrow
7. Change of Heart
8. Gone For Now
9. Kings & Queens
10. My Prime of Kneel
11. Until We Meet Again
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