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Item no. : SGDVD035
Artist : BON JOVI
Product type : DVD
Release Date : 09 August 2010


After a quarter-century rocking all over the world, selling out stadiums, topping charts and giving music some of its greatest hands-in-the-air moments, Bon Jovi are still sounding as dynamic as they ever did and still performing gigs that quite simply amaze all those in attendance. Having stayed firmly in the hearts and minds of their fans since they exploded onto the scene with ‘Slippery When Wet’, they also remain true to their blue-collar roots in New Jersey despite the temptations of the rock n’ roll lifestyle. And in never attempting to keep pace with the whims of fashion, they have equally, never had reason to fall foul of that shallow grave. Instead they continue to make the music they want to make – which just happens to delight millions of the others across the globe.

Bon Jovi – Round and Round is a quite stunning documentary film telling the entire story of Bon Jovi. Featuring a wealth of interview material with the band themselves, as well as rare archive footage, exclusive contributions from those closest to the group, location shoots, seldom seen photographs and a host of other features, this programme is an essential addition to any Bon Jovi fan’s collection.

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