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Label : VIC
Release Date : 28 May 2021



BRUTALITY formed in 1986 under the name Abomination and soon after released their first self-titled demo. In 1988, they changed their name to Brutality and released their second demo, also called Brutality. At this time, the band's line-up consisted of Larry Sapp on guitar and vocals, Jeff Acres on bass and vocals, and Jim Coker on drums. The band's third demo, Dimension Demented, was recorded in 1990 and Don Gates joined on guitar. ‘Metamorphosis’, the band's fourth demo, followed in 1991 on Wild Rags Records. This demo was recorded at Morrisound Studios, Tampa, Florida with Jim Morris (Death, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse). Soon after, they signed with Nuclear Blast Records. In 1993, they recorded their debut album Screams of Anguish. This double CD contains all pre Sadistic / Screams of Anguish demos, live recordings and even the 1987 Abomination demo.

Metamorphosis Demo 1991  
1. Mausoleum of Infringing Evil   
2. The Body Before Me  
3. Hideous Mutation    
Metamorphosis Home Demo 1991 
4. Mausoleum of Infringing Evil   
5. The Body Before Me   
6. Hideous Mutation   

Live 6-11-1990   
7. Hell On Earth   
8. Ignitics    
9. Dimension Demented  
10. Return Of The Dead    
11. Psychological Premonition  
12. Lust For Seks   
13. Narcoticous Addictous  
14. Hideous Mutations  
15. Agoraphobia   
16. Brutality   
17. Satanic Bible   
18. My First Night   
19. Necromantic Infection  
20. World War III   

Abomination Demo 1987:
20. The Forbidden Fruit (Intro) + Abomination
21. Jammer
22. Return of the Dead

Dimension Demented Demo 1990
1. Dimension Demented
2. Hell on Earth
3. Lust for Sex
4. Ignitics
5. My First Night
6. Narcoticous Addictous
7. Frozen Amputee
8. World War III

Demo recordings 1988-1989
9. Lust for Sex
10. Ignitics
11. Hell on Earth

Demo V2-Mid 1988
12. Brutality (Instrumental)
13. Now Mosh
14. World War III
15. Return Of The Dead

Demo V1-Early 1988
16. Brutality (Instrumental)
17. Now Mosh
18. World War III
19.Return Of The Dead

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