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Item no. : PMZ266CD
Artist : CARRION
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 22 June 2018



BEWARE! Here come the new guys on the brutal European death metal scene and they smell blood and suffering! CARRION is a 4 piece death metal band based in Gent, Belgium. The band started out in 2007 playing covers of classic death metal songs, but they soon recorded a demo with their own songs and finally released their debut album “Revelations” in 2012. Since then Carrion has played numerous shows and festivals, with a passing on the famous Wacken Open Air  (2016), MetalDays (2017) and a show at Black-Out Bash (2017) with GRAVE DIGGER and fellow label/death metal mates NO RETURN. Now the guys from Belgium are ready to spread their anger with the rest of world with their second album “Time To Suffer”. Rich on full-blown brutal death metal, yet with a modern feeling to the sound, CARRION stands for fast drums, punching riffs and heavy vocals with screams, growls and pig squeals. There is no doubt that these guys are here to conquer the extreme metal scene!!!
1. So it Begins
2. Mutilation
3. Supreme
4. Urge
5. Plague
6. Gingergrind
7. Death From Deep Within
8. Torment
9. Defiled Sanity
10. In The End, There Is Only Death
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