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Item no. : VIC270LP
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Release Date : 08 September 2023



CHEMICAL BREATH was one of the first extreme metal bands from Belgium. The band was formed in 1990 and released two demos and two full lengths during their eight years of existence. Their first demo ‘Brutal Violation’ was released in 1990. Second demo ‘Beyond Reality’ was recorded and released in 1991. Both demos gained the band a cult following in the death metal underground. The rather complex extreme metal was highly appreciated among fans and led to a two album record deal. The CHEMICAL BREATH debut album ‘Fatal Exposure’ was recorded and released in 1992. First time pressed on LP!
1. The Advantage of Disbelieve
2. Arachnid
3. Chamber of Lost
4. Deny Fear
5. Erased from Existence
6. Several Hours to Judgement
7. Lost Tribes
8. Hideous Perspectives
9. Mutilation
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