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COLD SHOULDER is a hardcore band from Toronto, Canada, formed in 2016. Within that time, they have presented three outstanding releases: the T.O.H.C. EP in 2016 and Self War LP in 2017, which were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nick Jett of TERROR, as well as the Backlash EP, which was mastered by Joel Grind of TOXIC HOLOCAUST. In addition to their recorded output, COLD SHOULDER has completed multiple tours from coast to coast of the United States. They’ve been a part of large festivals such as the Vans Warped Tour in Toronto, Tulsa, OK’s Flyover Fest, and Snow & Flurry in Fargo, ND. COLD SHOULDER has had the privilege of sharing the stage with a variety of bands such as POWER TRIP, HARLEY FLANAGAN, KUBLAI KAHN, BRACEWAR, TOO PURE TO DIE and COUNTERPARTS. COLD SHOULDER’s sound is best described as blistering metallic hardcore influenced by the explosion of early to mid-2000s Canadian hardcore bands such as NO WARNING and COMEBACK KID, as well as east coast hardcore heavyweights ADVENT, INCENDIARY, and CONVERGE. In 2019, COLD SHOULDER released a two-song tape including the tracks “Primitive” and “Absent Mind” on Safe Inside Records. Fast forward through 2020, landing at the tail end of 2021, COLD SHOULDER finds itself a new home at New Age Records, dropping their second full-length album Primal Fury. Ten jaw-dropping tracks laced with rage and yes, “fury” wrapped inside a tornado ready to make landfall. The band has already set their sights on expanding upon their foothold of the hardcore landscape with even more tours and larger shows.
1. Loudmouth
2. Bitter
3. Karmic Payback
4. Death Dealer
5. Stuck
6. Misery
7. Wretched
8. Babirusa
9. Fury
10. First Blood
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