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Item no. : VIC200CD
Artist : COMECON
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : VIC
Release Date : 22 November 2019



COMECON was formed by former Omnitron / The Krixhjälters guitar players Pelle Strom and Rasmus Ekman. COMECON’s debut album ‘Megatrends in Brutality’ features ENTOMBED’s vocalist L.G. Petrov (also ex Nihilist, Firespawn). Petrov joined Comecon when he was forced to leave Entombed after their milestone album ‘Left Hand Path’ (and later rejoined and still sings in Entombed A.D.). The Comecon debut album was just like Entmbed’s debut album recorded at Sunlight Studios and produced by Tomas Skogsberg (Tiamat, Entombed, Dismember) in 1991. The album has eleven old school Swedish death metal tracks, for fans of early Entombed, Grave and Dismember.
1. Dog Days
2. Wash Away the Filth  
3. Slope
4. Teuton Tantrums
5. The Mule
6. Armed Solution
7. The Future Belongs to Us
8. Conductor of Ashes
9. Good Boy Benito
10. Omnivorous Excess
11. Ulcer
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