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Item no. : DRMR0116
Artist : CPYIST
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 13 May 2022



CPYIST create with “Never Neverland” a Dark Wave soundscape in Steampunk garb.

The dark Steampunk with its masks, Venetian-inspired costumes, hats and accessories reflects the attitude towards life of the German band CPYIST. Fueled by a desire to create something new, with excessive creativity, free spirit and love for the hopeless cause, frontman and producer Marquee Steven_XL created an exceptional Dark Wave opus full of magic and passion in his very own Never Neverland Studio. On the album “Never Neverland”, the three musicians used various sounds and styles, such as Pop, Rock, Metal, Electro or Ambient, and composed a soundscape in which one can literally delve. For the mastering of the 13 tracks, the internationally renowned Kai Blankenberg from the Skyline Tonfabrik could be gained, who also refined the sound of albums by such diverse artists as Paradise Lost, Beatsteaks, Oomph or Lady Gaga. The debut album, to be released  via Dr. Music Records, features complex storytelling that does not subject to classic songwriting. Here, diverse themes are staged with music that lyrics and sound blend into a melodic, catchy unit. “Never Neverland” not only allows interpretations and own perceptions but demands it from the listener. With the final song “Wake Up People”, the true meaning and message of the album becomes concrete. Awake!

With their mixture of diverse musical styles such as Industrial paired with Dark Wave and EBM elements, garnished with harsh guitar riffs, all framed by the mysterious and extravagant Steampunk optics along with dark theatricality, CPYIST have managed to take the listener on a crazy trip that is both challenging and intoxicating. Not only fans of not ordinary sound experiments should check out this opus of artistic diversity since the album’s statement is unambiguous. Art is free!

1. One Way Ticket
2. Black White Pink
3. Slave 24_7 (Night Version)
4. Never Neverland
5. My Thoughts To Be
6. Der Movieman
7. She Told Me She Had A Gun
8. My Love To Hate YA
9. Schick mich
10. Pandora’s Box
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