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Item no. : AP130LPLTD
Artist : DANG!!!
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 02 September 2022



Renewed for a second season, Norwegian rockers DANG!!! are back with a short sharp shock of a follow-up. The vinyl version will rotate at 45rpm giving this format a louder, richer noise. Taking up where "Sociopathfinder" left off, they continue to shape a sound that serves as a soundtrack to these perilous times. It’s not pretty. Not ever. The mood is matter-of-factly ominous. The prospect of the apocalypse will do that to a combo but they’ve decided to go down blazing. The New Machine / Caliphate Hate / Go Away / Taste Of Cruel / Lost In Time / Perfection Of Means / Unlawful Interception. Those are your seven titles on The Will Of God. The cover depicts a mushroom cloud serving as a metaphor for the atomic nature of the contents and also a possible outcome of current world events. We’ll leave you to decipher the commentary. DANG!!! continue to make loud sounds that are created to strike a chord with the disenfranchised souls that are trapped in a world they never considered could be so stupid. These are brutal and uncompromising shards of rock ‘n roll as the art form is almost never served up anymore.
1.The New Machine
2.Caliphate Hate
3.Go Away
4.Taste of Cruel
5.Lost in Time
6.Perfections of Means
7.Unlawful Interception
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