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Release Date : 29 May 2020



Diamond Dogs - The first 10 years reissued! Record label Wild Kingdom is re-releasing Diamond Dogs first 5 classic Long-Players (1993 - 2003). Produced by Tomas Skogsberg and Diamond Dogs. Including the singles and EPs from the same period.

Diamond Dogs, Swedish rock group, formed in 1991 in Katrineholm, Södermanland. From the very beginning hugely influenced by British Early 1970s R&B rock like Rod Stewart and The Faces, Frankie Miller, Dr Feelgood etc. After making highly acclaimed demo tapes with producer Max Martin the band took its time carefully considering various offers of contracts, and ultimately a record deal was signed with Avance Records. All members moved to Stockholm upon finding fame in 1992 and debut album Honked was recorded in Sunlight Studio with inimitable producer Tomas Skogsberg. The first single "Blue Eyes Shouldn’t Be Cryin’" came out in 1993 and made its way to rotation on MTV's Headbangers Ball etc.

Through constant touring, Diamond Dogs soon built a large reputation for their energetic live shows, with the charismatic and dynamic stage antics singer Sulo, as well as its innovative use of the piano as a lead rock instrument, The Duke of Honk is a pioneer in sound and style for gritty rock'n'roll keyboards. Sören 'Sulo' Karlsson is also the main songwriter, and Henrik 'The Duke of Honk' Widen serves as the group's principal producer.

Keeping busy the better part of the 1990s playing live shows, Diamond Dogs was contracted on new label with worldwide distribution in 1999. The group recorded their second long player As Your Greens Turn Brown in SAE Studios, Stockholm. It was released in March 2001. First single "Goodbye Miss Jill"  got a fair bit of airplay, and already being known as one of rock's most dynamic stage performers, Diamond Dogs started to earn a sizable following.

This year in May Diamond Dogs will yet another time return to where it all started, to Tomas Skogsberg and the Sunlight Studio, to start recording the 13th Diamond Dogs Long-Player!

1. Bloodshot (Widen)
2. Goodbye, miss Jill (Widen/Sulo)
3. Hardhitter (Sulo/Lindström)
4. Singin’ with the alleycats (Sulo/Lindström)
5. Bite off (Sulo)
6. Anywhere tonight (Sulo)
7. Mighty, mighty mountain (Sulo)
8. Boogie for Tanja (Lindström/Björk)
9. Let me share it (Sulo/Widen)
10. Yesterdays nymph (Sulo)
11. The drifter (Lindström)
12. Scapegoat (Lindström)
13. Off the record (Sulo)
14. You’ll be knockin’ (Sulo/Björk)
15. As your greens turn brown (Widen)
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