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Release Date : 18 May 2018



Dirtyprotest was created in 2006 by Alan Hurley, after playing in various bands for a decade and working as a sound engineer recording local bands in Cairo. In 2016, with some spare time available, he decided to start this project and write a complete album. The band’s purpose was to pay tribute to Swedish Old School Death Metal, with intense and sharp HM-2 walls of riffs mixed with a few Hardcore and Black Metal influences.  After publishing some tracks a few years ago, Alan Hurley met the French vocalist DM (growler from Helioss, Wrath From Above and Gastropode) online and they started collaborating on the first album in 2016. Working from a distance over two continents, with the help of Aurelien Fouet-Barak from Assent on the lyrics and vocal lines, the two mens finally released “Hellstorm” in August 2017.  Created as an hommage to Old School Swedish Death Metal but mixing it with a bunch of modernity, “Hellstorm” is 36 minutes of intense, catchy, relentless and neck-breaking extreme metal. Combination of powerful riffs, memorable tracks and aggressive vocals, this war-themed album will not redefine anything in the actual Metal scene, but will definitely attempt to deliver your daily dose of brutality and epic climax. Keep an eye on them, the best is still to come.
1. Empire of Death
2. Unholy Blitzkrieg
3. Masterblood
4. Sons of the Serpent
5. Gladio
6. Moonlight of the Long Knives
7. Occult Holocaust
8. Alienate
9. Hellstorm
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