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Item no. : PWR009SG
Artist : DJ T-KUT
Product type : Vinyl 7"
Release Date : 15 November 2019



Dj T-Kut presents Volume 2 of SKRATCH PRACTICE, a very complete vinyl for scratch practices, two vinyl versions are avaialable, a 12" and a 7" (both on black vinyl and limited coloured vinyl), on the 12" you can find several Skip Proofs at 133 BPM to be able to play with the ultrapitch of the plate, very used right now in scratch practices, 2 beats perfect for practicing scratch, drum kits and bass line and on the B side you will find several skip proof samples at 100 BPM, 1 beat for practice scratch and 2 powerful basses perfect for playing with them. Also available will be a 7" vinyl for portables in which you can find 6 skip proof tracks at 133 BPM for Side A and 6 skip proof tracks at 100 BPM for Side B. These vinyls are designed so that you can flow as soon as you put them on the plate!
Vinyl 7"
Side A:
1. 133 BPM. Skip Proof. Skratch Samples.
Side B:
1. 100 BPM. Skip Proof. Skratch Samples.
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